1st Grade Competencies


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Behaviors That Affect Learning Literacy Math Science Social Studies

Behaviors That Affect Learning

  • I can show respect for self, adults, children, and property.
  • I can work cooperatively.
  • I can use time productively.
  • I can listen attentively.
  • I can follow directions.
  • I can organize materials and tasks.
  • I can strive to produce quality work.
  • I can participate and contribute to my own learning.
  • I can handle/resolve conflicts appropriately.
  • I can problem solve and think independently.

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  • I can read and comprehend grade level texts.
  • I can use informational text to gather information.
  • I can compare and contrast texts.
  • I can read unfamiliar words using multiple word strategies.
  • I can fluently read sight words.
  • I can read smoothly and accurately with expression to help me understand grade level text.
  • I can explain the difference between books that tell stories and books that give information.


  • I can write legibly.
  • I can write a grade level narrative, informative, and opinion piece with a topic sentence, details, and a sense of closure.
  • With support from others, I can make changes to my writing to make it stronger.
  • With support from others, I can use technology to publish my writing.
  • I can gather and share information from resources.
  • I can tell if my writing makes sense when I reread my work.
  • I can use phonetic spelling in my writing.
  • I can spell first grade sight words correctly in my writing.
  • I can use correct capitalization when I write.
  • I can use correct punctuation when I write.

Speaking & Listening

  • I can participate in a collaborative conversation.
  • I can speak clearly in complete sentences to present my ideas or work.
  • I can speak using correct volume and speed.


  • I can use correct grammar when I speak and write.
  • I can learn and use new vocabulary words.
  • I can identify nouns, verbs and adjectives when I write and speak.                                        

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  • I can read, write and count numbers to 120 +.
  • I can add numbers.
  • I can subtract numbers.
  • I can use my number sense to understand two-digit number are made up of ones and tens.
  • I can use my number sense to recognize that ten “1s” is one group of ten.
  • I can add numbers in any order.
  • I can find familiar facts in a 3 addend problem to help me solve it.
  • I  can use addition problems to help me solve subtraction problems.
  • I can compare numbers using comparison symbols (>, <, =).
  • I can solve word problems involving addition and subtraction.
  • I can determine if equations are true and false.
  • I can fluently add and subtract within 20.
  • I can compose and compare 2D/3D shapes.
  • I can break apart shapes into equal shares and describe them.
  • I can compare 2-3 objects by length.
  • I can use tools to measure accurately.
  • I can tell and write time to the hour and half hour.
  • I can create, read and interpret a variety of graphs.
  • I can use the eight mathematical practices.

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  • I can use tools to gather and record data.
  • I can predict, ask questions, follow procedures and analyze data.
  • I can write and draw about science topics.
  • I can understand the basic needs and characteristics of living/non-living things.
  • I can explore simple forces including magnets and air.
  • I can explore the life cycle of plants.

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Social Studies

  • I can name important traditions, people, and events in history.
  • I can use a map.
  • I can be a responsible member of a community.

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