6:235 E1 - Agreement for Out-of-School Use of District Owned iPad

On School letterhead

Student’s name: _________________________________Grade Level:_________________     
Parent/Guardian’s name and address:   _________________________________________    

Parent/Guardian’s acknowledgements and agreements:

I am the parent or legal guardian of the Student identified above.

I understand as follows:

  • The Student has been issued an iPad tablet device by St. Charles School District 303 (“the School District”), for the Student’s use during the school day
  • The Student will not be permitted to take the iPad tablet device home or to any other location outside of the school building, unless I sign and adhere to this Agreement for Out-of-School Use of District-Owned iPad.
  • The iPad tablet device is, and remains, the property of the School District.
  • The iPad tablet and charging cord will be returned to my child’s teacher by [REPLACE WITH DATE OF 4th FRIDAY in MAY].
  • The iPad will accompany my student back to school each morning after being sent home. 

I hereby request and grant my permission for the Student to use the iPad before and/or after the school day and outside of the school building (including taking the iPad home).

I agree to the following:

  • An Insurance Fee of $50 will be paid so my student can take the iPad tablet device home.
  • I understand that the $50 Insurance Fee covers Breakage and/or Damage only during use outside of the building. 
  • If the iPad is lost, I agree that I will pay any and all replacement costs.
  • I understand that a cost applies to each instance of Loss, and I agree to pay for any loss of the iPad device, charging cord, and protective cover up to $600.00.
  • I acknowledge that the Student is responsible for how the iPad tablet device is used, and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless St. Charles School District 303 (and its Board of Education, Board members, officers, employees, volunteers and agents) against and from any claims, demands, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from or in connection with the Student’s use of the iPad.

Parent/Guardian's Signature                                    Date:

I understand that I have the option to not sign this agreement and by not signing and returning this form, the District Owned iPad my child utilizes at school will not travel home for use outside of the building.  I further understand that my child will not be penalized or unable to complete homework if the iPad is not traveling home for outside of the building use.

REVISED:  June 2012 (JR)
                November 2013 (JR)