6:235 E2 - Guidelines for Using District-Owned iPads Outside of the Building/School

On District Letterhead


Dear Richmond Intermediate Parents:

Our students have had a wonderful opportunity to utilize the latest technology each and every day as a part of the learning environment here at Richmond Intermediate School (RIS).  The iPad has been used as a tool to record thinking, present and share learning, access information, communicate and collaborate in learning as well as developing our culture.  Technology is a part of everyday life and our students are ahead of the curve.  While as a school, we love that our students are able to embrace and utilize technology and the learning resulting from the use of the tool, we are also cautious in keeping our students safe in the use of the tool as well as keeping the iPad safe and secure.  Therefore, it will be important to establish safe protocols for students to be able to use, learn, and enjoy the iPad outside of the school building.

Please take time to review the guidelines below and confirm your permission for your child.

  • I understand that the iPad device is a tool used for learning purposes only.
  • My student will have the opportunity to bring the iPad outside of the building for use at home.  I understand that I must sign and return the Permission Form below, complete and return the attached Agreement for Out-of-School Use and pay the $50 Insurance Fee.  All must be returned before my child can bring the iPad home.
  • In order to be permitted to use the iPad outside of school, the District is requiring parents/guardians to purchase accidental breakage and/or damage insurance of the iPad, the power cord, or the protective cover at a cost of $50.00 per year.
  • Any loss of the iPad, the power cord, or the protective cover outside of school hours will not be covered by insurance and it will be the responsibility of the student and their family to reimburse D303 through the RIS Main Office for replacement costs.
  • iPads will be sent home only on days when there is a requirement for class or learning.
  • Students should take necessary precautions for the safe transporting and storage of the iPad.
  • Wehn not in use, the iPad should be turned off and stored in a safe place.
  • iPads should return to school each morning fully charged.  Charging the iPad overnight will allow both use at home as well as maximizing instructional use at school.
  • A charging cord will be sent home and may stay home until it is due back to school by [REPLACE WITH DATE OF 4TH FRIDAY IN MAY].
  • Any homework sent home with the potential for iPad use will also be able to be completed without use of the iPad.
  • iPad internet access can only occur through wireless connection, however, assignments to be completed using the iPad will not be dependent upon wireless internet access.
  • At school, the district internet filters provide protection and restricts access to certain sites and content.  At home, I understand that the content filters and restrictions are not the same and it is the responsibility of the student and his parents/guardians to adhere to appropriate use ensuring student safety and security.
  • Students are not allowed to take pictures of, or record other students and/or family members without their permission and images are not to be uploaded to the web in any form outside of school.
  • Students are allowed to send and receive email to/from school personnel only.
  • I understand that the apps added to the iPad my child uses are for educational purposes.  Families may elect to add apps (using their own iTunes Identification) however;apps that are added should have an educational purpose and may be used at teacher discretion while at school.  These applications can be removed at any time by school personnel.
  • Students not following the appropriate use guidelines listed above will not be allowed to bring the iPad home for use outside of the building.  D303 Acceptable Use and Discipline policies will be applied for violations (please refer to the D303 Student Handbook).

---------------- Sign, detach and return the permission form to your child’s teacher------------------------

My child and I have read through the appropriate use guidelines listed above and agree to follow them when using district owned technology, specifically the iPad, outside of the school day.  By signing below, I acknowledge that I have given my permission for my child to being the iPad with protective cover and power cord home for educational use.  I also have paid the $50 insurance fee to cover damage. If the iPad is lost, I am responsible for the entire cost of replacement.


____________________________________________   ____________________________________________
(Parent Signature)                                                    (Student Signature)


I understand that I have the option to not sign this agreement and by not signing and returning this form along with the $50 Insurance Fee covering Breakage and/or Damage only, the District Owned iPad my child utilizes at school will not travel home for use outside of the building.  I further understand that my child will not be penalized or unable to complete homework if the iPad is not traveling home for outside of the building use.


REVISED: January, 2012 (JR)
              November, 2013 (JR)