Academic Intervention and Supports

Academic Intervention and Supports

The Department of Instructional Interventions in collaboration with building staff provide opportunities for all students to receive additional enrichment, supports, and intervention.  The process is implemented through a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework.  This framework includes screening assessments to show growth, and specialized interventions that are determined by a school-based problem solving team.

In collaboration with the building staff the Department of Instructional Interventions works to increase opportunities for students to thrive and progress academically. We support this process through school based problem solving teams and embedding trained staff in each building skilled in the areas of academic intervention and evaluation.

School Counselors are available to support students’ academic and social pathway toward independence and well-being.  They support the schools through academic guidance, social emotional counseling, liaison with classroom teachers, they support the teams with crisis response, and they are members of the school problem solving team.

School Psychologists provide academic and social emotional evaluation and intervention. They are members of the schools problem solving team and support the process of RtI, 504 Plans, and IEP evaluation.

Contact information for psychologists and counselors can be found in the Staff Directory of your school's website.