April 17, 2008 Staffing

April 17, 2008 - Staffing

Thank you to everyone who attended the Summit 303 meeting.  We continue to be impressed with the lively and valuable conversations in each of the small groups of district parents, staff, residents, and students.  If you haven't been able to join us yet, it's never too late.  Each meeting stands on its' own and your feedback will be invaluable.

At this Summit Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Dr. Brian Harris, presented on staffing - recruiting, retaining, and professional development.  He provided insights on where the district is currently and statistics to help identify where we might want to be.

In order to help you catch up if you were unable to attend, or if you'd just like a review, here are the:

1. Agenda

2. Presentation Slides

3. Executive Summary

4. Verbatim Responses 


Agenda  (pdf)

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 Presentation Slides

Staffing (pdf)

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 Executive Summary

As a Result of the 
Small Group Work Activity

At the April 17, 2008 Summit 303 community meeting, residents, staff, and students participated in discussions related to staffing in the district.  Click here for full report.

 For a complete listing of responses see the April 17, 2008 
Verbatim Response Document

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 Verbatim Responses

Verbatim Responses Document (pdf)

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