District Administration is responsible for the overall supervision of the education of students in District 303; additional departments serve specific needs of students and the community.

Assessment & Accountability

Assessment & Accountability collects and records achievement data for students in District 303.  They are also responsible for monitoring student performance on a District-wide level.

Building & Grounds

Building & Grounds oversees the maintenance of all District 303 facilities and property.  They are responsible for providing a clean and safe learning environment.

Business Services

Business Services manages all District 303 funds.  In addition to day-to-day financial management, Business Services monitors future financial trends to develop responsible future budgets.

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for seeking the most qualified candidates for employment in the district.  They manage employment records & administer the benefits program for employees.


The Department of Instruction is responsible for the collective operation of Assessment and Accountability, Instructional Interventions, Instructional Quality and Instructional Support.

Instructional Interventions

Instructional Interventions provides academic counseling, social and emotional, and special education supports for students.  These services are available to students continuously and in times of crisis.

Technology Services

Technology Services manages all technology and network systems in District 303.


Transportation is responsible for the safe and reliable transport of more than 10,900 students to and from District 303 school buildings.