Overdrive is now available in District 303!

The Middle and High School LRCs are now offering digital materials for students anytime, anywhere.  Thanks to a generous contribution from the Greater St. Charles Education Foundation, D303 middle and high schools were able to subscribe to OverDrive, a digital library system, connected to our own library catalog.  This system allows our patrons to have access 24/7 to eBooks and audiobooks through a computer with internet access and/or devices with eReaders.  Students now can access books just a couple of clicks away, just in time for the holiday break. 


What is my username and password?
This is easy...it is the student ID number and password used for school.

Can I access these books at anytime?
Yes, this is the beauty of ebooks through OverDrive.  They can be accessed 24/7, even during the summer months. 

How long do I have access to these books?
Students have 3 weeks per book with NO OVERDUES.  Students have the option of returning the eBooks prior to the date to ensure other students can check them out.  Otherwise, the books are automatically returned at the end of the check-out period and placed back in the OverDrive library.  

Accessing the OverDrive Library

When using Overdrive on a computer - Chrome  is the preferred browser in school and will enhance your Overdrive experience if you are planning to read the book in the browser.  Otherwise other browsers do not guarantee the full experience.

Step 1
Go to d303.org, under For Students click on OverDrive or go directly to your school’s LRC homepage.  Click on the OverDrive button.

Step 2
Login to the OverDrive digital library with the student ID number and password used on the school computers. 

Step 3
Find your eBook or audiobook of choice and click BORROW.  This item will now be on your Bookshelf in your account.  Read in your browser or your own personal device connected with OverDrive.  Enjoy for 3 weeks!