School Closing Information

Notification of School Closings
  • Closings will be prominently posted on the District 303 website by approximately 5:45 A.M.
  • All emergency contact phone numbers provided to the district will be called by our automated calling system notifying parents of the closure.
  • Closings will be submitted to the Emergency Closing Center for posting.
  • What determines if school will be closed?

    District 303 strives to give every student a safe and effective learning environment, and to prudently use taxpayers’ resources. However, severe weather sometimes interferes with that important goal. When bad weather occurs school district officials must decide whether to close school.

    District administration typically consults with other area school officials and with the district’s directors of transportation and facilities to help make that decision. There is no official state law or district policy governing the decision to close school. However, that decision is guided by three major considerations:
    • Is it safe for children to be out in the weather? There are no specific temperatures which automatically trigger a decision to close school. But, special consideration is taken when actual temperatures are below zero or the wind chill falls below -20 degrees.
    • Can children be safely transported to and from school? That is, can buses and other district vehicles start and are roads safe for travel?
    • Can schools be operated safely? Are buildings warm? Can parking lots be sufficiently cleared of snow? Can students and staff safely get to and from buildings?

    A decision to close school will be prominently displayed on the District 303 website and publicized through a long list of local and regional electronic media.

  • Emergency procedures

    Emergency evacuation, tornado, and other safety drills are regularly practiced. Special radio equipment in each school relays signals from state and county police and warns school officials of imminent danger.

    • In the event of an emergency evacuation, staff may need to relocate students to alternative site(s) designated by each school.
    • If a Tornado Warning is in effect, students will be held in school until the warning has been lifted.
    • Other emergencies may also require students to be held in school. Children will not be released until the condition has passed.
    • Each school has a detailed emergency plan that is regularly reviewed with the staff.