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Resource Card

Where to Start for Community Mental Health

A Trusted Advisor is someone you feel you can go to if you need help.  Your Trusted Advisor might be a counselor, physician, faith advisor, teacher, family member or friend.  The resource card below has been provided by the Fox Valley Mental Health Advocacy Council as a pocket reminder to identify a Trusted Advisor before you might need one.  The card is also a reminder that is a convenient location to find mental health resources, including a listing of mental health providers in the Fox Valley area.



As you interact:     Be Calm
                           Assess the situation for safety; gauge severity of emotion
                           Maintain adequate space between you and the person
                           Give firm, clear instructions
                           Respond to apparent feelings
                           Be helpful, encouraging and supportive

Avoid:                   Reinforcing behavior related to the person's distress
                           Staring at the person, this may be interpreted as a threat
                           Giving multiple choices, this increases confusion
                           Whispering, yelling, ridiculing, deceiving, touching -
                           this my cause more fear and lead to violence

have trouble with reality... be simple, truthful.
be fearful... stay calm.
be insecure... be accepting.
have trouble concentrating... be brief, repeat.
be over-stimulated... limit input.
easily become agitated... recognize agitation.
have poor judgement... not expect rational discussion.
be preoccupied... get their attention first.
be withdrawn... initiate relevant conversation.
have changing emotions... be aware and empathetic.
have changing plans... keep to one plan.
have little empathy... recognize as a symptom.
have low self-esteem and motivation... stay positive.

The material provided on this web site is for information only.  It is not intended to be a replacement for medical consultation, treatment, or advice from health care professionals.