Harry the Hedgehog Visits Davis Primary

Davis 1st graders were introduced to Harry the Hedgehog by Ms. Jackie Boquist of the Wheaton Park District's Cosley Zoo.  Harry's visit was part of a program where the students learn about how animals adapt to their environment.  Harry's hedgehog partner is named Houdini in honor of the ability of hedgehogs to hide and blend into their environment to deter predators.

Meet Ms. Clark, the New Principal at Corron School

Ms. Amanda Clark is the new principal at Corron School. She comes from Oswego District 308 where she was the Director of Special Programs.  We started the interview by asking Ms. Clark how her career path has gone from from teacher to principal.

Meet Ms. Stuckey, Fox Ridge's New Principal

Ms. Amy Stuckey is the new principal at Fox Ridge School. She comes from Indian Prairie District 204 where she was a Reading Specialist.  We started the interview by asking Ms. Stuckey about joining the Fox Ridge School community.