East H.S. Students Create Piano-Playing Robot

Students in the East H.S. Project Lead the Way class of Mr. Mike DeWees accepted the challenge of building a robot that plays the piano.  Watch the video to hear their story and see if you can "Name That Tune"!

Astronaut Visits Project Lead the Way Students

D303's Project Lead the Way students were treated to a visit from retired Astronaut, Col. Mark Lee, at North H.S. In the video, Col. Lee explains the physical changes one experiences upon return to Earth and some information about the next rocket to be used to lift mankind into space.

Cool Seats for Corron 1st Graders

Corron 1st Graders in Ms. Rebecca Schwartz' class received some new seating choices that are a result of class fund-raising and a matching grant from ESPN. The seats make the students use their core muscles while sitting, so, shhhhh.....the kids are working muscles in the bodies and probably don't even realize it!

Anderson 4th Graders See How TV News Gets Made

Anderson 4th Graders were paid a visit by CBS 2 Chicago Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist and also got to participate in some live shots on the 11 AM CBS 2 News.  Watch the video and you'll see how patient the kids have to be while they stand in place waiting for Mrs. Kleist to go live.  A big thank you to Mary Kay and her camera operator Lou for coming to visit and being so nice to everyone at Anderson.

Sing Along with the Lincoln 3rd & 4th Graders

This year's 3rd & 4th Grade Concert at Lincoln was "A Trip Down Broadway".  We visited their final rehearsal and heard the students sing "We Go Together", the final number from "Grease". (Spolier Alert- the budget for the show did not allow for the flying car as there is at the end of the movie version!)

100 Ways to Be Kind

Wasco students in Mrs. Dawn Eberhardt's 5th grade class combined the 100th day of the school year and the Wasco Kindness Challenge and created a "100 Ways to Be Kind" video.  Make sure you watch the outakes at the end. The video was produced by student-teacher Ms. Katie Baughman of the University of Northern Iowa.