Superintendent's Message

Dr. Schlomann's Opening Day message includes an interesting look at various forms of technology that over the years, were supposed to revolutionize education.  Special thanks to Dr. Derek Muller for sharing his video on the subject through his YouTube Channel "Veritasium".

Meet New Lincoln Principal Mrs. Chris Balaskovits

We visited Lincoln School for a chat with Lincoln's new principal, Mrs. Chris Balaskovits.  We began by asking why she wanted to make the move from Instructional Support Coach at Bell-Graham School to become Principal at Lincoln.

D303 Wayback Machine- "Walking Home for Lunch"

As recently as the early 90's, students could walk home for lunch in District 303 if they walked to school.  Current Wredling Middle School Asst. Principal Ms. Sarah Burgess rode the bus to Munhall, but was creative in finding ways to go home with a friend for lunch.

D303 Wayback Machine- Calendar Clue

The "Calendar Clue" was school-wide contest at Lincoln School in the 80's.  Current Lincoln Instructional Support Coach Ms. Amanda Wojcik explains the game and the prize to the winner that shows how much school has changed in the last few decades.

D303 Wayback Machine- "Hot Dog Day"

Back in the day (late 1970's to be more precise), Hot Dog Day was one of the key dates on the calendar at Davis School.  Current Davis Reading Specialist Ms. Amy Kappele explains how a hot dog and a bag of popcorn was the highlight of the year for students.


D303 Wayback Machine- "Pot Hole Day"

Our latest installment in our Summer Series takes us back to the Winter of '78-'79. Students attending school during the second year of the brand new St. Charles (now East) H.S. campus were not happy with the road conditions brought on by two brutal winters. The students voiced their concerns through a protest known as "Pot Hole Day". The tale is told by current North H.S. Counseling Office Administrative Assistant Mrs. Karen Porter.