D303 Wayback Machine- "Hot Dog Day"

Back in the day (late 1970's to be more precise), Hot Dog Day was one of the key dates on the calendar at Davis School.  Current Davis Reading Specialist Ms. Amy Kappele explains how a hot dog and a bag of popcorn was the highlight of the year for students.


D303 Wayback Machine- "Pot Hole Day"

Our latest installment in our Summer Series takes us back to the Winter of '78-'79. Students attending school during the second year of the brand new St. Charles (now East) H.S. campus were not happy with the road conditions brought on by two brutal winters. The students voiced their concerns through a protest known as "Pot Hole Day". The tale is told by current North H.S. Counseling Office Administrative Assistant Mrs. Karen Porter. 

D303 Wayback Machine- The Little Woods Playground

Installment Number 2 in our Summer Series on the history of District 303.  Watch the video and hear Wredling Middle School PE teacher Mr. Scott Nold explain why the Little Woods playground was unique. Little Woods Elementary School was located on the east side of the Fox River at the current location of the eastern approach to the Red Gate Bridge.

Series Premiere- The D303 Wayback Machine

The history of District 303 is filled with boundary changes, new schools opening, old schools closing, configuration changes and just a lot of fun stories.  This summer, we'll share with you some tales brought to us from staff members who went to school in D303 when they were kids.  We start with Mrs. Sandy Pogge, the orchestra teacher at Haines Middle School, who was part of a migration of Wasco 5th graders to Davis.

Illinois Reading Council Honors Wasco Reading Specialist

Wasco students celebrated the Last Day of School and as part of the festivities, Mrs. Beverly Taylor received the Reading Educator of the Year Award from the Illinois Reading Commission.

The Eighth Time Is a Charm

The Physical Education Department at St. Charles North staged their annual Triathlon on May 17.  During their PE period, students complete a 400-meter swim, a 1600-meter bike ride and then run 1600 meters.  Except for Special Education Teacher Mr. Jason Yeates. He does those three events each period of the day for a total of eight triathlons!