Staley Da Bear Visits Davis

Students at Davis Primary welcomed a special guest on Wed. May 18 at Staley Da Bear visited as part of the participation by Davis students in the NFL's Fuel Up to Play 60 Program.  We followed Staley from "backstage" as he made his way through the halls of Davis into the gym where the students were waiting for him.

East H.S. Government for a Day Turns 25

The government class of East H.S. teacher Mr. Gerry Powers staged the 50th edition of Government for a Day at City Hall in St. Charles. As part of the 25th anniversary of the program, St. Charles Mayor Ray Rogina presented Mr. Powers with a key to the City of St. Charles. 

Haines Students Take a Google Expedition

Students at Haines Middle School went on Google Expeditions exploring various biomes in Mrs. Carole Schmidt's science class. The viewers the students are using are descended from the Viewmaster their parents may remember from when they were kids- but far cooler! Students can see a 3-D, 360-degree view and the teacher can direct where the students should look and also see where the students are looking on the tablet that controls the lesson.

Bell-Graham Playwrights See Their Creations Come to Life

Students at Bell-Graham Elementary School recently tried their hand at writing plays.  Three of the plays were selected to be turned into live performances during a visit by the Child's Play Touring Theatre. The three plays performed were: "The Miller's Plan" by Mia Taylor, 2nd Grade; "Tommy Travels in Time" by 3rd Graders Cayden Hirth and Andrew Connow; and "The Billionaire and the Ducks" by Christopher Sloncen, 5th Grade.

District 303 Middle School Summit

The Summit 303 Middle School presentation given at Haines Middle School on April 18. The presentation explains how, with the help of voters through a referendum, District 303 can update and equalize middle school facilities, while saving operational funds, and lowering the District 303 portion of a property owner's tax bill. Click here to view the Powerpoint presentation. 

Fox Ridge 3rd Graders Choose Kind

The Fox Ridge students in the 3rd Grade classroom of Mrs. Beth Zarring have been participating in an anti-bullying initiative this year based on the book "Choose Kind" by R.J. Palacio. The students unveiled their Choose Kind banner which they earned based on acts of kindness.