In District 303 we use four strategic commitments to guide our continuous improvement efforts both at the district level, and in our schools.

Our Four Strategic Commitments

Schools are dynamic and ever changing complex systems that need to be flexible and responsive. Often, long term strategic plans are used by businesses and organizations to guide their work. In today’s economy, highly successful organizations are using a leaner, more focused approach to set goals and manage change. As a learning organization, District 303 believes that our outcome is student learning and growth. We use these four strategic commitments to guide our thinking, conversation, implementation and evaluation of our progress. Both the district and individual schools continuously update goals based on these areas.

Innovative Learning

We will provide our students with innovative learning experiences that prepare them for post-secondary careers and higher education. What students learn today will need to be transferred to unknown and uncharted experiences, challenges, and opportunities in the future. Digital learning, college and career readiness skills, and engaging curriculum at all grade levels play a part in preparing our students to contribute and find success in a rapidly changing world.

Quality Staff

We are committed to hiring and retaining high quality staff members. The research is clear, the single most impactful influence on student learning and achievement is the quality of the educator designing and providing the day-to-day learning experiences for students. When students have access to highly qualified staff who are passionate about their calling, they benefit from a chance to ask questions, show their creativity, and work collaboratively to solve problems.

Responsible Stewardship

We are responsible stewards of the resources in District 303 designated by and for our community. The demographics and student population in our district continue to change over time. On an annual basis, the School Board strives to align a balanced budget, infrastructure and resources to support the instructional programs and needs of the community across the District.

Community Relations

Outreach and community engagement opportunities keep District 303 residents informed about our mission, vision, programs, services, and use of resources.  It is imperative that we provide opportunities for parents, community members, business leaders, and intergovernmental partners to regularly engage in the activities of schools and students.