2020-21 District Calendars/Schedules

D303 Return to School

Technical Support Resources

District 303 is committed to providing the most up to date information regarding classroom technology tools, services and trends in an easily accessible area for our families. 

Please use this page to access the information and support you and your students need for a successful remote experience.

D303 Instructional Tech for Families

Specialty Subject Guidelines

Health and Safety Resources

Social-Emotional/Family Resources

Instruction Committee

The Goals of the Instruction Task Force are:

  • To seamlessly move between remote and in-person learning with minimal disruptions
  • To provide consistency and stability for all students, staff, and families
  • To provide meaningful and engaging academic experiences for all students
  • To provide continuous professional learning opportunities for staff

The Instruction Committee is revising, enhancing, and adding clarification to different components of the current District 303 Remote Learning plan implemented in April. The committee is utilizing the feedback received as part of the staff, student, and family surveys and from members of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) during their meeting in May. As the committee receives specific guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education, the plan will be finalized. In addition, the committee will examine possible in-person and blended learning options and consider the strengths, challenges, and implications of each.

Social/Emotional Well-Being Committee

The Social-Emotional Health and Well-Being Task Force is focused on coordinating resources and supports for students, families, and staff for the return to school. The Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) group is working to identify current strategies and supports in place across District 303 as well as additional areas in need of development, to ensure a strong transition to the 2020-2021 school year. The group is working to create plans at each level that support explicit teaching and embedding of SEL competencies across a student's day.

In addition, the committee will discuss the role of social workers, counselors, psychologists, and other student support personnel about the best ways to support students’ social-emotional needs. The committee will develop a plan for SEL Instruction and support for in-person or remote settings and address the complexities of each. 

Building Health and Safety Committee

The Building Health and Safety Committee is developing a plan to safely reopen district buildings and schools that ensures proper protocols are followed. The team is focusing on the issues related to:

  • Classroom layout and flow
  • Managing facility traffic flow around lockers, hallways, and playgrounds
  • Limiting access to buildings for parents and visitors
  • Signage related to hand hygiene, social distancing, and managing the flow of traffic in key spaces

The committee is gathering information related to cleaning processes and protocols and making recommendations about implementation. As we get further guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education, the committee will also outline possible face-covering usage, temperature check inquiries, and nurse station protocols.

Transportation and Food Service Committee

The Transportation and Food Service Committee will utilize guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Public Health to ensure safe transportation and meal service while in District 303 programs and services. The committee will establish protocols for managing ways that students will get to and from school, field trips and athletic events, and community-based instruction. Additionally, the committee will establish safety protocols for on the bus, including but not limited to, bus cleaning and sanitizing, seating assignments, staffing, optimal bus capacity, and arrival and dismissal procedures for those who do not ride the bus.

The Committee will address meal service concerns and questions, such as designated areas for breakfast and lunch, catering services, and outside food, taking into special consideration students with food allergies. Consideration for revised menu choices, ordering procedures, and ensuring appropriate cleaning protocols are also being discussed.

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee will ensure information related to the work being done by all the committees is communicated effectively and in a timely manner to families, staff, and the community. The committee will develop surveys for parents, students, and staff to help guide the other committees when making decisions.

The committee will manage the flow of information to and from families and schools and will use a variety of communication channels such as the District website, Parent Link, District e-News, and social media outlets.

Staffing and Human Resources Committee

The Staffing and Human Resources Committee will establish protocols for employees to return to work and address potential staff concerns and needs. The committee will be tasked with establishing protocols for employees who are hesitant to return to work because of health and safety concerns and will establish protocols for employees who think they are sick.

The committee will outline teacher expectations for those who may work from home/engage in remote learning lessons, and will also outline support staff work responsibilities based on return to school guidance provided by the Illinois State Board of Education. 

ISBE Guidance