About Infinity

Students selected for Infinity, District 303’s Gifted Magnet Middle School Program, attend classes at Wredling Middle School.

The top 2-3% of middle school students district-wide as determined by the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), Achievement Measures, and a content-based test are considered for the Infinity Program. A writing and/or problem-solving sample will be assessed, and an interview may be required. The Infinity course offerings are, Literacy, Social Studies, Math, and Science, and in addition, Infinity students attend physical education and exploratory courses with the other students at Wredling Middle School.

While Infinity is an additional program offered to district students in the top 2-3%, the gifted programs for math and literacy are still conducted at all three District 303 middle schools. We ask that parents be willing to enroll their child in Infinity for one full school year. That amount of time is necessary for a student to become fully acclimated to numerous changes simultaneously (i.e., middle school, environment, social and emotional changes, etc.) Early withdrawal will be considered only for extreme circumstances.

Students taking part in the program are encouraged to participate in Wredling Middle School's after school programs. Students are subject to the same rules and guidelines for participation in extracurricular activities as all Wredling Middle School students. They can (and we hope they do) take advantage of the many opportunities offered to all students at Wredling Middle School.

For more information about the Infinity Gifted Magnet Middle School program, please contact Wredling Middle School.

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