Transition Services Continuum

Community Unit School District 303 strives to increase individualized levels of independence across academic, community, and vocational settings. We offer a range of transition programming to meet the needs of individual learners. Although the foundations for transition programming are laid during  elementary and middle 

school years, IEP teams typically make data-informed transition programming decisions during the Spring of the individual's senior year. Below you will find a graphic depicting the continuum of district provided programming for students ages 18-22.

Transition Services Continuum

Programming & Resources


Transition Program
  • 5 Day/Week Transition Program
Work-Based Learning
  • Work experience training 

Staff Transition Team

AS Aubree Schuett

Director of Student Services - Secondary

AW Ashley Wasserman

Special Education Teacher

DO Darcelle O'Brien

Special Education Teacher

AF Anne Federici Dragosh

Transition Coordinator

CI Caylee Irving

Special Education Teacher

JN Jacqueline Nilles

Work Based Learning Specialist

AP Annalise Peterson

Speech/Language Pathologist

MG Maritza Garcia

Social Worker