Transition Services Continuum

Community Unit School District 303 strives to increase individualized levels of independence across academic, community, and vocational settings. We offer a range of transition programming to meet the needs of individual learners. Although the foundations for transition programming are laid during  elementary and middle 

school years, IEP teams typically make data-informed transition programming decisions during the Spring of the individual's senior year. Below you will find a graphic depicting the continuum of district provided programming for students ages 18-22.

Transition Services Continuum

Programming & Resources


  • 5 Day/Week Transition Program
  • Transition Program with flexible scheduling
On-The-Job Training (OJT)
  • Work experience training 

Staff Transition Team

PP Patricia Palagi

Director - Instructional Interventions

AS Aubree Schuett

Associate Director of Instructional Interventions- Secondary

AW Ashley Wasserman

Special Education Teacher

DO Darcelle O'Brien

Special Education Teacher

AF Anne Federici Dragosh

Special Education - Transition Coordinator