Alumni News

Keeping in touch with our graduates is important. This page contains links to graduating class websites and more.


Annual Report

We are now distributing an annual report that highlights D303 student/staff accomplishments and other information of interest. 


Community Backpack

District 303 has adopted a "green" approach to distributing information from non-profit organizations, intergovernmental agencies and business partners for which it grants approval.


The E News Archive contains current and past issues of the District E Newsletter.

Focus Newsletter

A Newsletter for the District 303 Community.


District 303 uses a computerized telephone system to deliver recorded messages to all of its student and staff.

Press Releases

Press Releases of the latest news and accomplishments of District 303 are found on this page.

Subscribe to E News

District 303 provides the community and staff with an option to receive weekly electronic newsletters from administration and schools.

Summit 303

Summit 303 is the Community Engagement process in which District 303 stakeholders come together to discuss their desires and expectations for the education of the students in District 303.

Video Vault

Visit the video vault to view videos of our students and staff.  It is a visual rich look into daily activities in District 303.