Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Abing Alyssa Receptionist/Community Relations Assistant 331-228-4996
Geier Jan Assistant Superintendent Leadership (PreK-5 Education) & School Improvement 331-228-6735
Marsan Tamara Administrative Assistant to Mr. Moore 331-228-2397
Moore Mark Assistant Superintendent Leadership (6-12 Education) & Administrative Services (H.R.) 331-228-6334
Pearson Jason Superintendent 331-228-4922
Rachford Christine Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Pearson 331-228-4922
Schwartz Lynne Administrative Assistant to Ms. Geier 331-228-4926
Smith Carol Director of Communications & Community Relations 331-228-4904
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Burton Patricia Administrative Assistant 331-228-5242
Grosh Nicole Food Service Director 331-228-5028
Building & Grounds
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Baird John Assistant Superintendent for Operations 331-228-5197
Hodson Natalie Administrative Asst. to Asst. Superintendent for Operations 331-228-5239
Kudabeck Heather Administrative Assistant to Facilities 331-228-3383
Schulthess Andy Operations Manager - Custodial 331-228-6385
Wallace Kenneth Operations Manager - Maintenance 331-228-2888
Business Services
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Biddle Karen Accounts Payable 331-228-4903
Chapman Seth Assistant Superintendent for Business Services 331-228-2582
Gilbertson Vicki Payroll Clerk (CERTIFIED STAFF) 331-228-4909
Ianno Christine Accounts Payable 331-228-4910
Maeder Melissa Business Services Supervisor 331-228-2594
Molitor Leeann Business Office Clerk 331-228-4916
Sedwick Wendy Administrative Assistant 331-228-4927
Walker Debra Payroll Clerk (SUPPORT STAFF) 331-228-4930
Wlezien Sharon Accounts Payable 331-228-5417
Department of Instruction
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Beyer Barbara Associate Director of Curriculum 331-228-6210
Byrne Melissa Assistant Director of Curriculum; AT 331-228-6733
Gallt Kelley Assistant Superintendent / Chief Academic Officer 331-228-5397
Hovious Shari Administrative Assistant 331-228-6736
Jensen Pam Director of Instructional Practice 331-228-2396
McCarthy Deborah Administrative Assistant to Director 331-228-4914
Mkrtschjan Megan Assistant Director Curriculum 331-228-5842
Ruesch Cindy Director of Curriculum; ELL 331-228-6738
Sheehan Annette Administrative Assistant 331-228-6739
VanDeSampel Janelle Teacher on Special Assignment 331-228-6405
Department of Instruction - Assessment & Accountability
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Chiszar Dave Executive Director Assessment & Accountability 331-228-4919
Kohlhagen Mary Jo Assessment Assistant 331-228-5848
Petermann Peggy Administrative Assistant 331-228-4919
Skells Kristin Data Technician/Assessment 331-228-5399
Department of Instruction - Instructional Interventions
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Beasley Barbara Administrative Assistant 331-228-6724
Buckley Betsy Therapy Coordinator for SLP/OT/PT 331-228-6725
Green Sandra Adaptive Technology Facilitator 331-228-5826
Hanson Alexis Elementary Intervention Coordinator 331-228-6808
Maladra Karen Associate Director of Instructional Interventions- Elementary 331-228-6728
Nier Patricia Middle School Intervention Coordinator 331-228-6729
Padgett Dorothy Administrative Assistant 331-228-6731
Palagi Patti Director - Instructional Interventions 331-228-6457
Rortvedt Daniel Adaptive Technology Coordinator 331-228-6233
Schaeffer Denise Administrative Assistant 331-228-6732
Schairer Nancy Administrative Assistant 331-228-4901
Schuett Aubree Associate Director of Instructional Interventions- Secondary 331-228-5635
Early Childhood
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Anthony Laura Assistant - Norton Creek Elementary 331-228-6476
Arteaga Rosario Assistant - Davis Primary 331-228-5279
Aumiller Kate Assistant - Davis Primary 331-228-5248
Bridges Maria Assistant - Ferson Creek Elementary 331-228-6480
Cirrincione Claudia Occupational Therapist - Davis Primary 331-228-5298
Collins Nancy Occupational Therapist - Ferson Creek 331-228-6893
DeFelice Katie Speech/Language Pathologist - Ferson Creek Elementary 331-228-6485
DiPietra Deanna Assistant - Ferson Creek Elementary 331-228-6770
Flanagan Elly Diagnostic Speech/Language Pathologist 331-228-4917
Foss Veronica Assistant - Fox Ridge Elementary 331-228-6170
Fowler Shona Physical Therapist - Norton Creek 331-228-5982
Frey Darla Assistant - Norton Creek Elementary 331-228-5912
Getchius Wendy Speech/Language Pathologist - Fox Ridge Elementary 331-228-5924
Gloor Monica Speech/Language Pathologist - Davis Primary 331-228-6109
Gregory Pasie Teacher - Davis Primary 331-228-4948
Hondlik Therese Assistant - Fox Ridge Elementary 331-228-5931
Klos Deborah Speech/Language Pathologist - Norton Creek 331-228-6117
Kloskowski Tracey Teacher - Ferson Creek Elementary 331-228-6505
Lee Tanya Teacher - Ferson Creek 331-228-6435
Martin Meghan Speech/Language Pathologist - Davis Primary 331-228-4963
Morrisson Yolanda Diagnostic Interpreter 331-228-2242
Mursu Jennifer Associate Director Early Childhood 331-228-2584
Olinger Lisa Teacher - Norton Creek Elementary 331-228-6512
Patterson Betty Assistant - Ferson Creek Elementary 331-228-6513
Reams Melissa Physical Therapist - Davis, Fox Ridge, Ferson Creek 331-228-6215
Robinson Michele Assistant - Fox Ridge Elementary 331-228-5527
Roenspies Robin Assistant - Davis Primary 331-228-5290
Sabathne Tricia Teacher - Norton Creek Elementary 331-228-5727
Scharping Kristin Psychologist 331-228-6139
Simmelink Heather Occupational Therapist - Fox Ridge Elementary 331-228-2984
Stone Ann Marie Assistant - Ferson Creek Elementary 331-228-2199
Turner Stephanie Teacher - Ferson Creek Elementary 331-228-6530
Upshaw Vikki Assistant - Fox Ridge Elementary 331-228-5955
Upshaw Leanna Assistant - Ferson Creek Elementary 331-228-2378
Valentine Linda Administrative Assistant 331-228-4834
Vales Stephany Teacher - Davis Primary 331-228-5182
Vavaroutsos Jody Assistant - Davis Primary 331-228-6087
Viereckl Carolyn Hearing IT - Ferson Creek & Davis 331-228-6036
Waugh Beth Ann Teacher - Fox Ridge Elementary 331-228-5959
Human Resources
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Bergren Laurel Human Resources Manager - Certified Staff 331-228-4902
Gridley Lonnie Benefits Coordinator 331-228-4929
Knox Donna Human Resources Specialist - Classified Staff 331-228-4912
Kummet Cynthia Human Resources Coordinator 331-228-4915
Montavon Alexia Administrative Assistant 331-228-6769
Wenger Julie Substitute Coordinator 331-228-4924
Information Technology Services
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Barron Pedro Network Administrator 331-228-5186
Brandes John Computer Technician 331-228-5772
Camp Carole Administrative Assistant to Executive Director 331-228-5188
Cribbett Joseph Computer Technician 331-228-5176
Ewald Austen Network Analyst 331-228-5322
Finke Janice High School Computer Specialist 331-228-6426
Goff Kara Systems Analyst 331-228-5189
Hart Julie Computer Technician 331-228-5395
Heinig Michael Computer Technician 331-228-6427
Henderson James Computer Technician 331-228-6428
Kussmaul Seth Systems Analyst 331-228-5775
McConnell Michelle Supervisor of Technology Operations 331-228-6088
McCune Jeff Network Analyst 331-228-5191
Muhr Kim Network Analyst 331-228-5192
Mustard Michael Computer Technician 331-228-5776
Oloye Samuel Computer Technician 331-228-5193
Pelinski Kathy Network Administrator 331-228-5194
Smith Matt Executive Director of Technology Services 331-228-5196
St. Charles Education Association
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Blomquist Joseph SCEA President 331-228-6096
Last Name First Name Position E-mail Telephone
Bork Christopher Shop Manager 331-228-5181
Darnold Nancy Administrative Assistant 331-228-5180
Primdahl Terry Director of Transportation 331-228-5184
Westergaard Terry Transportation Manager 331-228-2877