Nurse/Health Services

Nurse/Health Services

Committed to Serving the Health, Well-Being, and
Educational Success of All Students

The nurses in District 303 serve all of the students in our 17 school buildings through direct services and through consultation with staff, family and administration. Nurses support all aspects of health and safety in the school community by providing emergency care, facilitating access to school health care, and identifying and managing health issues in the school that impede student learning. Every school has an assigned Certified School Nurse and each health office is staffed with a Registered Nurse in order to provide continuous health care to the students and staff during the school day. Some of these services include:

  • Providing care and first aid for illness and injury at school. 
  • Maintaining the school’s communicable disease prevention and control program.
  • Providing health information and counseling for students, parents, and staff.  
  • Safely storing, administering, documenting, and monitoring the effectiveness of medication given at school.
  • Identifying students with special health concerns and developing health care plans with students and families.
  • Maintaining accurate records to assure compliance with state mandates including immunizations, physical examinations, and medical conditions.
  • Providing health programs as required and needed including education and screening for vision, hearing & dental.
  • Being a resource for health and wellness for classroom teachers, staff and parents and providing expertise on health information and curriculum.  
  • Communicating with students, families, staff and community agencies to identify and provide services and programs to meet the physical and mental health needs of children and families.
  • Collaborating with school multidisciplinary team of psychologist, social worker, and specialists to identify and provide health information, services, modifications, and plans for students.
  • Participating as crisis team members and providing crisis intervention for students and staff in the advent of sudden illness or injury.

Health Requirements for Early Childhood, Pre-K, K, 6th, 9th and 12th Grades - See New Vaccination Requirement Below

The Illinois school code requires that students entering an Illinois school for the first time, including students entering early childhood, walk in speech, high school led preschool classes, pre-k, kindergarten, or first grades, and all students entering kindergarten, sixth and ninth grades, as well as transfer students must submit evidence of a physical examination and a complete record of immunizations prior to starting classes or receiving services.

  • The completed physical examination and record of immunization form is required to be on file at the school health office upon enrollment/ registration and must be on file by the first day of student attendance or the student is subject to exclusion from school. 
  • Physical examinations must be done by a licensed physician, advanced practice nurse or examining physician assistant.
  • Only the State of Illinois Department of Human Services Certificate of Child Health Examination form will be accepted.
  • The physical exam must be completed within one calendar year prior to the start of school and must fulfill all Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Department of Public Health requirements.  Physical examinations must be dated within twelve months prior to the first day of school.
  • Students will not be allowed to participate in physical education classes until the required physical form is on file in the school office.
  • Medical objections to any physical examination or immunization must be submitted in writing by a physician and must contain required information, including parent consent for review of immunization data by the Illinois Department of Health. Religious objections to any physical examination or immunization must be submitted by a parent/guardian in writing and must contain required information including the completion of the Illinois Certificate of Religious Exemption form. In accordance with state law, medical or religions objections to any health requirement(s) are to be submitted on the same schedule as the requirement. 
  • Students will not be allowed to begin school without a submitted physical examination form and required immunizations on file in the health office prior to the start of school.
  • Early Childhood (including Walk-In Speech students) and Pre-K students must submit required health records and immunizations prior to the start of services.
  • Students who are new to District 303 and Illinois schools must submit health records within 30 days of entering school.  Transferred health records will be reviewed by the school nurse for compliance with Illinois school health requirements.

  Required Health Records

Requirements By Grade EC/Pre K K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 New to IL
Child Health Examination X X           X     X       X
Dental Examination   X   X       X             K,2,6
Eye Examination   X                         X
Immunization Requirements* X X           X X X X X X X X

CUSD 303 is required by law to submit immunization data to the Illinois State Board of Education by November 15 each year.  Aggregate counts by school are available upon request.  Please contact the Certified School Nurse to review this data. The District report is available to view by clicking the link below. 

2017-18 Immunization Data Reported to ISBE

New Vaccination Requirement

Students entering 6th-9th grade must show1 dose of MCV4 given on or after their 11th birthday. 

Students entering 12th grade must show 1 dose of MCV4 administered on or after their 16th birthday. 

Please note this important message about measles outbreak control:  The Illinois Control of Communicable Disease Code, Section 690.520, states that upon the onset of a measles case by a single student or staff member, students who have not presented proof of immunity or vaccination for measles shall be excluded until acceptable proof of immunity is received by the school or for 21 days after the onset of the last reported measles case in the school.  Acceptable proof of immunity shall consist of:

  • A written record from the student's physician or a health professional that indicates dates of vaccination and type of vaccine administered; or
  • A statement from a physician indicating the date when the student had measles; or
  • A laboratory report indicating that the student has a protective measles antibody titer as measured by a test with demonstrable reliability.

District 303 School health requirements are in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the School Code of Illinois and the Illinois State Board of Education.

Immunization Requirements table - click here 
Concussion Policy
The Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act supports the health and safety of all students. Preventing concussions as well as supporting students recovering from concussions is an integral part of this new law. Supporting a student recovering from a concussion requires a collaborative approach among school professionals, health care providers and parents. This approach includes return to learn and return to play protocols. Please click on the Parent and Student Concussion Information Sheet for details on District 303's Concussion Policy.
Parent and Student Concussion Information Sheet
Información Sobre Conmoción Cerebral Para Padres y Estudiantes
Human Papillomavirus Information

The Illinois Department of Public Health encourages all parents of pre-teens and teens to become familiar with Human Papillomavirus - commonly known as HPV - as well as the vaccine available for prevention of this virus.  HPV is known to cause...Read More

Dental Examination Requirements
  • Students in kindergarten, second and sixth grades must submit evidence of a dental examination by May 15th of that school year.  Dental exams must be completed within 18 months prior to May 15th.

Vision Examination Requirements
  • Students entering Illinois schools for the 1st time (kindergarten or transfer) must submit evidence of a vision exam conducted by a physician who provides a complete eye exam or a licensed optometrist. 

Vision and Hearing Screenings

Vision and hearing screenings are provided annually to District 303 students at the State-mandated grade levels, as designated by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  All students in special education programs, students transferring into the District who have not previously been screened, and students to be tested related to classroom teacher requests are screened during this annual program. 

Scheduled intervals for Vision and Hearing screenings are:

Vision screenings

  • Preschool, Kindergarten, 2nd and 8th grades
  • Special Education students (includes students in speech)
  • Foster care and transfer students from out of state

Hearing screenings

  • Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades
  • Special Education students (includes students in speech)
  • Foster Care and transfer students from out of state
  • Students having known or suspected hearing loss

Screenings are performed by District 303 nurses and trained technicians who are certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Parent Information on Managing Students with Food Allergies

Head Lice Information for Parents

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