District 303 encourages and welcomes parent input. To foster this, the District 303 BPAC is a committee made up of parents of English Learners, community members, and District 303 staff members.

About BPAC

The purpose of the committee is to: 

  • Promote parent participation in the District
  • Provide parents with the opportunity to express their views about the programs and services offered to Multilingual Learners
  • Review and provide recommendations regarding the District's grant applications
  • Provide educational workshops for families to increase the successful achievement of Multilingual Learners

For more information, contact Diana Galvan at Davis Primary:

  • 331-228-5030
  • diana.galvan@d303.org

There are some mandated BPAC requirements. To meet these, the committee must:

  • Consist of bilingual program parents, guardians, TBE teachers, counselors and community leaders
  • Meet at least four times per year
  • Maintain on file with the school district minutes of these meetings
  • Review the district's annual program application

BPAC Meetings/Reuniones del Comité Asesor de Padres Bilingües del Distrito 303

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

BPAC (Spanish) Informational Session

5:30-6:30pm at Davis Primary

Miércoles 13 de marzo del 2024

Construyendo Resiliencia: Apoyando una "Mentalidad de Crecimiento"

Español / *Cambiado a VIRTUAL*

Presentador: Darley Giraldo, LCPC, Servicios de Consejería Riverview

  • Sesión en la Mañana: 10:00am | VIRTUAL
  • Sesión en la Tarde: 6:00pm | VIRTUAL

Los padres quieren que sus hijos tengan éxito en la vida a pesar de todos los "altibajos” que tengan que enfrentar. Ayudar a los niños a seguir adelante a pesar de las dificultades de la vida puede enseñarles cómo tener más confianza en sí mismos. Al superar estas dificultades, fomentamos la independencia y la capacidad de crecer y madurar hasta la edad adulta.

Recomendada Para: Todos los padres y guardianes

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Bilingual Parent Summit  

The Annual Statewide Summit for Bilingual Parents provides a rich mix of information about issues of critical importance to parents from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Top speakers are joined by experts and panels on such topics as pathways to academic success, enhanced parental participation in schools, immigration issues, U.S. citizenship, bilingual education programs, community college services, effective parenting techniques, health care alternatives, and much more.