About Buildings & Grounds

The Department of Operations maintains the physical structures and grounds of all District 303 properties.

Building and Grounds are responsible for the management of all District 303 facilities services and all related contracted services. 

These include building maintenance and operations, grounds keeping, security, custodial services, deliveries (i.e. mail, chairs, tables, etc.), building remodeling and major equipment replacements, future construction planning and coordination, and furniture and carpeting.

As part of its continuous commitment to maintaining safe and effective buildings for students and staff, District 303 is currently working through its Long-term Capital Improvement Plan. 

This plan was first presented in August, 2023. It serves as District 303's guide for high need capital maintenance projects over multiple years in order to enhance the safety and security of District 303 buildings. The plan will remain adaptable and responsive to the needs of the District.

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Fertilizer & Weed Control

Each time fertilizer, weed control, and pesticides are applied in District 303, a notice of dates, times, and contact numbers will be placed on the District website. In addition, a registry of staff and students is being created for all persons wishing to be notified prior to the application of any fertilizer, weed control, or pesticide to school grounds and athletic fields. 

All persons on the registry will be notified by e-mail at least two business days prior to the application of fertilizer, weed control, and pesticides, and given the contact number for District personnel responsible for the program.

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Buildings & Grounds Staff

AS Amanda Stuber

Executive Director of Facilities

KB Kenneth Bedenbaugh

Facility Operations Manager

GC Gio Catalano

Building Manager

JR Julio Rubieles

Facility Operations Manager