Bus route information for the 2023-2024 school year will be available on August 7, 2023, at noon for all grade levels.

About e-Link

District 303 is pleased to offer VersaTrans e-Link as a tool for viewing the latest bus route information for students.

Bus route information for the 2023-2024 school year will be available on August 7, 2023, for all grade levels.

Parents may login to e-Link using their student's ID number. Parents should call their student's school if they need their student's ID number.

Please be advised that during the first week of school additional student loading time is necessary to ensure that all students are safely on their buses after school. Because of the late departure times, bus routes may run 10-20 minutes late in the afternoon.

The bus routes developed by our Transportation Department are designed to maximize safety and efficiency. During the first two weeks of school, our drivers and department administrators will gather information about the efficiency and timeliness of routes. We will inform parents if any changes are necessary. We ask that you do not contact the transportation department during those two weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not check the "Authenticate using Network Credentials" box.