Closing School Due to Inclement Weather
Board Policy 4:170 authorizes the Superintendent to close school(s) in the event of
hazardous weather or other emergency that threatens the safety of students, staff members
or school property.

Communications to Families

Information and Procedures

In the event of hazardous amounts of snow, ice, extreme cold, low-temperature wind chills or other emergency situations that pose safety concerns, the District 303 Superintendent may choose to implement a:

  • Full-day school closure
  • Two-hour delayed start time
  • Early dismissal

When considering changes to schedules due to inclement weather, District 303 closely monitors future and current weather and travel conditions, as well as routinely engages with local and neighboring public officials and school districts. Specifically, we’re assessing how weather conditions may impact travel for buses and individuals and those walking to and from school. While extreme cold temperatures play a factor in the decision, there are no specific temperatures which automatically trigger the closing or delayed start of school(s).  

When Will District 303 Make a Decision?
We recognize the challenges that abrupt schedule changes can have on families. Which is why District 303 aims to notify families of a closing, delayed start or early dismissal as early as possible. To the extent possible based on forecasted or actual weather conditions, communication procedures are as follows:

  • If the weather turns hazardous overnight, District 303 will make an announcement at 5 a.m. or before to:
    • Close all schools or select schools, and cancel activities; OR
    • Delay the start of onsite operations
  • Depending on how weather conditions evolve, District 303 may need to close schools midday if conditions warrant.
  • If the weather turns hazardous during the day, District 303 will make an announcement to cancel evening activities by 1 p.m. of the current day.

Please note, if District 303 does not send a notification about school closings or modified operations, we are operating as normal.

How Will I Be Notified?

District 303 will send notifications to families through the Finalsite (formerly ParentLink) system by text message, phone call or email based on your settings. Please note, District 303 does not send notifications if schools will remain open.

View/Edit Notification Preferences
Parents/guardians can view and edit their contact settings through the Home Access Center.

  1. From the HAC main menu, select the “registration” tab to view your contact settings
  2. Select the “edit” button to change your contact settings
  3. Select the “save” button

Users can only update their child(ren) and personal contact information. You will not be able to make changes to another parent/guardian's contact information. For updates to emergency contacts, please reach out to the school directly.

Enable Text Messages
To receive timely emergency communications, we strongly encourage families to enable text notifications. For most people, this is the fastest way to receive and view important messages.

  1. From the HAC main menu, select the “registration” tab to view your contact settings
  2. Select the “edit” button to change your contact settings
  3. To enable text message notifications, enter your cell phone number in the Cell/Text field ((Message and data rates may apply, depending on your phone plan).
  4. Select the “save” button

Other Communication Methods
District 303 will first send notifications to families via Finalsite. We will also publish school closings or modified operations information to the District and school websites, our District social media pages and the Emergency Closing Network.

Impact to Schedules

How do Closed Days Impact the School Calendar?
When a day(s) is missed due to school closings (known as “emergency day”), the day(s) will be made up at the end of the school year, in accordance with the approved calendar. For the 2023-2024 school year, If no emergency days are used, the last day for students is on Friday, May 24. If emergency days are used, the makeup days would be as follows:

  • Emergency day 1 = Tuesday, May 28, 2024
  • Emergency day 2 = Wednesday, May 29, 2024
  • Emergency day 3 = Thursday, May 30, 2024
  • Emergency day 4 = Friday, May 31, 2024
  • Emergency day 5 = Monday, June 3, 2024

How do Delayed Starts Impact the School Day?
In a delayed start the District will push back the start time for each school, along with bus routes, by a time consistent with the improving weather conditions (usually two hours). A delayed start also means that all morning activities are canceled (e.g. practices and drivers education, clubs, before school care).

Due to the transportation requirements of a delayed start, all morning early childhood, preschool, and kindergarten programs (including extended day at Davis Primary) are canceled. Afternoon early childhood, preschool and kindergarten programs will operate on schedule.

  • When the start of school is delayed, classes will end at their regular time.
  • If delayed on a high school early release day, the early release is canceled.
  • School lunches will still be served.