Introduction to PushCoin

CUSD 303 uses PushCoin for all financial transactions. Guardians can add money to their student's "Wallet" to be used to purchase food, school store items (high school only) or to purchase items from the webstore like: field trips, summer camps, community events and to make donations.

Registration and monthly fees, courses, or middle school sports fees, can easily be paid through PushCoin by using the "pay fees" button. Money in a student's Wallet can also be used to pay for school fees. Additionally, guardians can view any Wallet or Fee transactions on PushCoin.

All transactions can be done using an eCheck, for no additional cost, or paid with a credit or debit card for a 2.79% fee. Wallet deposits are subject to a 5-7 business day hold for approval by the District's payment processor and may not be immediately available for use.

Effective September 5, 2023: eCheck service provider GSF Forte will make changes to how it handles non-sufficient fund (NSF) payments made via PushCoin. 

Users with NSF eChecks will be contacted by GSF Forte to attempt to collect the returned NSF payment and charge users a $33.00 “bounced eCheck fee.” After a second rejected eCheck transaction for Account Closed/NSF/No Account, users could have their PushCoin accounts blocked from using eChecks as a payment method. 

To avoid disruptions to service, please be mindful of your account balances prior to conducting any transaction in PushCoin. 

Refund Policy

The PushCoin system processes District payments including student fee payments, food service, school store, field trips and webstore purchases. Refunds for payment or purchases will be made to the student's PushCoin Wallet. Balances in a student's wallet can be used to pay fees and for food service, school store, field trip and webstore purchases.

Contributions to a student's PushCoin Wallet should be made in amounts that can be reasonably expended by the student each school year. No automatic refunds will occur.

Refunds from a student's Wallet will only be processed if a parent request is made via PushCoin. To do so, click on the three-dot menu next to the student's photo and click "Refund Request." 

Refunds will be made in the same form as the original funding source or by check at the discretion of the Business Office. Check refunds are only issued once a month the day after the monthly School Board meeting.

AP Course Fees: Full-year and Fall semester AP course fees are non-refundable after November 1. In order to receive a refund, early graduates must notify their counselors prior to November 1 if they do not plan to take an AP test. Spring Semester AP course refund request deadline is January 28.