Registration Overview

Welcome to Community Unit School District 303! We know you will enjoy the opportunities and excellence of our school district. Prompt enrollment and registration allows us to properly schedule buses, assign teachers, and provide any other services that might be necessary in support of your children. Early registration allows us to provide the individual and personal attention your children deserve.

Please note, per state law, a child must be five (5) years old on or before September 1, 2019 to be eligible to attend Kindergarten during the 2019-2020 school year. Reliable proof of a child’s identity and age (birth certificate, passport, visa, etc.) will be required at the time of registration as will verification of the identity of the parent or guardian.

New Student Residency and Enrollment

Before a student can be enrolled, a family must establish residency within the boundaries of District 303. Parents/Guardians must prove residency and provide other pertinent information to enroll their children. If a student leaves the district and returns, the parent/guardian is required to re-enroll their student. All enrollment forms must be submitted in person at the school your children will attend. You can expedite the enrollment process by downloading and completing the appropriate residency and enrollment forms listed below.

Enrollment of NEW students must take place in person. No mailed, emailed or faxed forms will be accepted.

The District accepts nonpublic school students, including parochial and home-schooled students, who live within the District for part-time attendance in the District's regular education program on a space-available basis. Requests for part-time attendance must be submitted to the principal of the school in the school attendance area where the student resides. All requests for attendance in the following school year must be submitted before May 1. 

To enroll:

  • Determine which school your children will attend.
  • Gather together documents to present: reliable proof of child(ren)'s identity and age, health records, academic records for transfer students, and two proofs of residency. The first page of the New Student and Kindergarten registration packets linked below contain a detailed list of qualifying documents.
  • Once all enrollment forms are complete and residency is proven, the school will provide a fee sheet, Pushcoin registration code and instructions for signing up to pay fees online, and Home Access Center login.

Annual Registration is a yearly event in which parents/guardians update or confirm information for their children and re-affirm residency in District 303.

Required Notices for ALL Students/Parents

All Parents and Students should review the relevant Student Handbooks

These Forms must be completed online - All Grades

Registration Forms

**Health Survey (Encuesta para Servicios de Salud) only required for new, Kindergarten, and 3rd grade students. Visit Health Services for additional Health Forms.

For registration information specific to your school, visit the school's website.

Required Health Examinations and Immunizations

Health examinations are due prior to the first day of school for students: 1) entering kindergarten or the first grade; 2) entering the sixth and ninth grades; and 3) enrolling in an Illinois school, regardless of the student's grade, for the first time (including early childhood and special education only services). 

The New Student packets include a chart of required immunizations for all grade levels. Visit Health Services for access to Health Forms.

(School Board Policy 7:100)