Welcome to Community Unit School District 303! We are happy that you and your family will be part of the District 303 family. We believe that the educational opportunities available here will provide your children with a place to grow and thrive as they move through our system.

*Kindergarten Enrollment

Please note: Per state law, a child must be five (5) years old on or before September 1, 2024, to be eligible to attend Kindergarten during the 2024-2025 school year. Reliable proof of a child’s identity and age (birth certificate*, passport, or visa) will be required at the time of enrollment as will verification of the identity of the parent or guardian. *Within 30 days, a Birth Certificate will be required to comply with the Missing Children Records Act [325 ILCS 50/5]

How do I enroll in District 303?

Important enrollment information

Before a student can be enrolled, a family must establish residency within the boundaries of District 303. Interactive Boundary Maps are available on the Attendance Boundaries page.

Parents/Guardians must prove residency and provide other pertinent information to enroll their children. Examples of documents to collect, scan or photograph, and electronically return with the DocuSign secure email are listed on the forms. If a student leaves the district and returns, the parent/guardian is required to re-enroll their student. You are considered a resident if you own a home, rent*, or are hosted by (living with) another family* within district boundaries.

* Affidavit of residency forms are listed below. Proof of residency must be submitted annually.

Should you need to enroll your child, but cannot provide the required proof-of-residency documents because you are living in a shelter or hotel or staying with someone else due to hardship, please call us at 331-228-4989 for assistance.

The enrollment process begins with a NEW STUDENT INTAKE FORM emailed to the school to which your child is assigned based on your residential address. The NEW STUDENT INTAKE FORM is linked in the FORMS section below.


To fill and complete these forms on a mobile device, please download a PDF editing app from your device's app store.

School Fees

School Fees (23-24 & 24-25)

2024-2025 Fees Information

Fee Waiver Applications
The School Board of St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 requires a separate application for a waiver of school fees based on the federal poverty income guidelines (Board Policy 4:140 Waiver of Student Fees). Therefore, an Application for Fee Waiver or All Day Kindergarten Fee Waiver Application must be completed for consideration. Forms can be found on the Fee Waiver page.

2024-2025 Fees Information

Pushcoin accounts will be charged with registration fees on July 8. A parent/guardian can log in on July 8 to pay any registration and program fees.

The 2024-2025 School Fees, Fee Waiver Applications, and All Day Kindergarten Fee Waiver Applications will be available on the Fee Waiver page once the guidelines are published in July.


Health examinations are due prior to the first day of school for students who are:

  1. entering kindergarten or the first grade;
  2. entering the sixth and ninth grades; and
  3.  enrolling in an Illinois school, regardless of the student's grade, for the first time (including early childhood and special education only services).

All forms and information regarding health requirements are available by visiting the Health Services page. The Health Requirements by Grade document, located in the "Health Exam, Survey & Requirements" folder, outlines the state and District 303 medical, dental, and vision requirements by grade. 

[School Board Policy 7:100]


All Parents and Students are to review the relevant Student Handbooks

McKinney-Vento: Education for Homeless Children

McKinney-Vento Information

Email List


Anderson Elementary School
Michele Linden, michele.linden@d303.org

Bell-Graham Elementary School
Kris Marbutt, kristina.marbutt@d303.org

Corron Elementary School
Diane Eageny, diane.eageny@d303.org

Davis Elementary School 
Mona Carlson, mona.carlson@d303.org

Ferson Creek Elementary School
Karen Burke, karen.burke@d303.org

Fox Ridge Elementary School
Nia York, dominia.york@d303.org

Munhall Elementary School
Amy Dunne, amy.dunne@d303.org

Norton Creek Elementary
Theresa Mastrangeli, theresa.mastrangeli@d303.org

Richmond Elementary School
Darlene Buffano, darlene.buffano@d303.org

Wasco Elementary School
Heather Kudabeck, heather.kudabeck@d303.org

Wild Rose Elementary School
Kim Verbout, kim.verbout@d303.org


Thompson Middle School
Kirsten Rasmussen, kirsten.rasmussen@d303.org

Wredling Middle School
Mary Volmer, mary.volmer@d303.org


St Charles East High School
Julie Peterburs, julie.peterburs@d303.org

St. Charles North High School
Patricia Hulfachor, patricia.hulfachor@d303.org