2022-2023 Tax Levy

On December 12, the District 303 Board approved that tax levy for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023. The approval followed a public hearing, in accordance with state law. Previous committee and regular Board meetings held in November explained the tax levy process and set the public hearing date. 

Recognizing the complexity of this topic, we wanted to provide additional information to clarify the process and the decision’s potential impact on taxpayers. View the frequently asked questions document to learn more about the tax levy set by the District, the tax rate set by the County, and the varying impacts on taxpayers.

View Tax Levy FAQs

About Business Services

Responsibilities of the Department of Business Services include many aspects of financial planning for the District, including budgeting, the annual tax levy, investments, and financial reporting. The department consists of three areas, including:

  • Accounts Payable which handles purchasing, receiving, invoice payments and contracts
  • Payroll which handles payroll processing for all District employees, as well as employee pension and retirement benefits
  • The District's insurance coverage and many aspects of the Food Service Program, including the State of Illinois Free and Reduced Lunch program.

The goal of the department is to increase student achievement by providing financial support to staff and students of the District as directed by the School Board.

Financial Documents

Invitations to Bid

Bidders are invited to submit bids in conformance with the requirements established within the invitation to bid. Submit your sealed bids to the attention of:

Mr. Justin Attaway
Asst. Superintendent of Business Services

Community Unit School District 303
201 S. 7th Street
St. Charles, IL 60174
(331) 228-5086

Business Services Management

JA Justin Attaway

Chief Operating Officer

MM Melissa Maeder

Director of Business Services

WS Wendy Sedwick

Coordinator of Business Services

Business Services - Payroll

JP Jeanine Pengiel

Lead Payroll Clerk

Business Services Staff

SW Sharon Wlezien

Fee Waivers, Grants & L&T Accounts Payable/Receivables

PT Patricia Townsend

Accounts Purchasing/Payables & Food Service Coordinator

DB Debra Beal

Accounts Payable & Purchasing

AW Amy Wonneberger

Admin. Assistant - Chief Operating Officer