About Instruction

Assessment and Accountability

Responsible for the analyzing and reporting of data from surveys and assessments, coordinating data-driven school improvement and classroom instruction, coordinating program evaluations and research projects for the district, administrating the district's student assessment program, and District policy.

Instructional Interventions

Responsible for supporting a system of academic and behavioral interventions for all students. This includes on-going improvement of instruction towards student success.

Instructional Quality

Responsibility of teacher quality is to support, challenge and guide Instructional Support Coaches, administrators and teachers in their work to improve student learning through the highest quality instruction for each and every student.

Instructional Support/Curriculum and Programs

Responsibilities include coordination of all K-12 curriculum in District 303. They also include management of the English Language Learner (ELL) program, the Academically Talented (AT) program, and the management of all grants.   

Academics & Curriculum

Special Programs

General Instruction Documents

Department of Instruction Staff

KG Kelley Gallt

Assistant Superintendent / Chief Academic Officer

DC David Chiszar

Executive Director - Assessment & Accountability

PP Patricia Palagi

Director - Instructional Interventions

AS Annette Sheehan-Lumley

Administrative Assistant