About Internet Safety

Effective beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, the state of Illinois enacted Public Act 095-0869, otherwise known as the Internet Safety Act. This law requires that all students, grades 3 through 12, attending an Illinois public school will be given instruction in specific areas regarding technology/Internet safety.

Each school district's Board of Education decides the depth and breadth of student awareness in the subject of Internet safety.

In essence, all students in the above-stated grades will be required to complete the school-sanctioned education lesson plan for the purpose of being better prepared to protect themselves from the hidden dangers lurking on the computer, whether that be with software, technology or Internet usage.

Additionally, parents and students must be familiar with District Technology usage and expectations. The following links provide detailed information on acceptable use of technology in the District. Agreement to terms occurs yearly during Annual Registration for Returning Students and upon initial enrollment.

Internet Safety Resources

Web 2.0 Resources

Throughout the school year students are introduced to online programs in which a student account is required in order to store classroom work. These online programs, called Web 2.0 Resources, are usually free or inexpensive and are a way digital information is created, shared, stored, distributed, and managed.

Typically, these tools require personal student information (such as their name), in order to set up an account.

Here in D303, we take the issue of student privacy seriously and take steps to ensure students are safe online. Here are the responsibilities of staff and students when using Web 2.0 resources along with suggestions for the community.

D303 Staff members:

  • A request to use a Web 2.0 resource must be submitted to the Department of Learning & Teaching. Please see the staff Web 2.0 site for the form to complete.
  • The request must explain how Web 2.0 resource will support instructional outcomes in the classroom.
  • Once a Web 2.0 resource has been approved for classroom use, an email needs to be sent to parents informing them that the tool may be used in the classroom.
  • Creation of student accounts for a Web 2.0 resource must be overseen by the classroom teacher.
  • The classroom teacher must model, demonstrate, and monitor student use of the resource during school hours.

D303 Students:

  • Will follow established classroom and school expectations for acceptable use and behavior.
  • Will keep personal information private whenever possible.
  • Will use all tools in a positive and enriching manner.

D303 Community:

  • Stay involved - know the sites your students are visiting online and ask about the projects they are creating.
  • Understand that teachers won't be able to monitor students when they're working at home.
  • Expect that teachers are modeling positive online use behaviors. 

The following Web 2.0 tools are NOT approved for student use in District 303:

  • Facebook is NOT an approved site
  • Flickr is NOT an approved site

Approved Web 2.0 Tools