District 303 aims to provide accessible services to students, families and staff. In alignment with its strategic priorities of Effective Collaboration and Culture of Dignity, translation and interpretation services are available in languages other than English through multiple methods outlined below. Translation/interpretation services can also be requested in advance of certain events.

Translate text (bottom left) | Traducir texto (abajo a la izquierda)

Digital Communication

Website Text

Text appearing on the District 303 and school websites can be translated into a number of languages. This service is available through a dropdown menu at the bottom of the District homepage or the homepage of each individual school website. This service is operated by Google Translate. In addition to selecting translated text on the District’s website, all web users have the option of changing their web browser settings to view any compatible website in the language of their choosing (see guide).

Mass Communication

The District translates emergency communications sent through its mass communication service (Finalsite) into Spanish. These can be sent by email, text and voice. Parents who have indicated that Spanish is their preferred language for communication will receive messages in Spanish. Families can modify their settings in the Home Access Center (HAC).

Electronic Newsletters

The District and our schools use the software Smore to routinely send electronic newsletters to families. These newsletters can be manually translated into Spanish and the software uses Google Translate to translate text in multiple languages. Newsletters are often emailed to parents, but also published on the District and schools websites. The translation filter option is located at the top of each newsletter.

Board Meeting Videos

All regular and committee meetings of the Board of Education are streamed live on the District’s YouTube channel. At the conclusion of each meeting, the video is available for viewing with closed captioning in multiple languages.

Public Meeting Services

Prior Notice of Services

  • If someone wishes to attend a meeting to receive or share information in a language other than English at Board meetings or other informational events open to the public, the District can attempt to provide an on-site translations/interpreter. We request this form (ENG / SPN) be completed at least 5 days prior to the Board meeting/informational event in order to arrange staffing. This may include a District representative or third-party service. In general, translated materials are limited to Spanish and may be condensed based on the amount of material. 

Services Without Prior Notice

  • Each public meeting of the Board of Education includes a public comment period. Prior to the start of each meeting, citizens must sign up to speak on a topic of their choosing. During the public comment period of each meeting, citizens will approach the microphone to share their comments when their name is called. The public comment signup sheet has instructions in English and Spanish. Comments may be translated in a language other than English if prior notice was given. If no prior notice (ENG / SPN) was given for translation/interpretation services, comments can still be shared in a language other than English and will be interpreted for Board members after the meeting. 

School Services

The District employs 6 translators/interpreters who are housed at Anderson, Davis, Richmond, Thompson, Wredling and East High School, but are available to provide Spanish translation/interpretation across the district. This includes digital communications support as well as in-person and voice support to visitors and callers. The translator/interpreters can be contacted directly or a staff member can make the request on behalf of a parent/family.

Administration Center Services

The District employs a translator/interpreter at the Administration Center. This position within the Communications Department provides services in Spanish, as appropriate. This includes digital communications support as well as in-person and voice support to visitors and callers. 

Third Party Services

District 303 partners with LanguageLine Solutions to provide interpreters in more than 240 languages. If the District is unable to provide an in-person interpreter, we may contact a LanguageLine representative to provide over-the-phone services in the language needed.