2-1-1 Available in Kane County

Call 2-1-1 to connect with a live specialist to assist you with your human service and resource needs

Just like you dial 9-1-1 for emergencies, you may now call "2-1-1" in Kane County and be connected to a live specialist, any time of the day or night, to assist you with your human service and resource needs

With more than 1000 government, non-profit, and faith-based organizations providing much needed services throughout Kane County, it can be overwhelming and confusing to know who does what and exactly where to start to get help needed. 2-1-1 is a free, centralized, anonymous place to start with a specialist on hand to help sort out the options. No computer or internet is required, translation is available in over 150 languages and callers of all ages can use this service as often as needed.

94 percent of the U.S. population, including over 40 counties in Illinois, already have access to 2-1-1. This has proven to be a valuable resource for anyone looking for help, whether it’s yourself, a family member, an employee, client, or anyone who comes to you seeking assistance.

Batavia United Way has contracted with PATH, an accredited call center in Bloomington, IL, to receive calls 24/7/365. PATH currently provides 211 service for 40 counties in Illinois, is AIRS Certified and Red Cross and Fema approved for disaster aftermath assistance.

211 has been made possible by funding and support from Kane County Schools, Kane County Government, Batavia, Elgin, Fox Valley and Chicago Metro United Ways, a $20,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Fox River Valley and a $64,000 grant from The Dunham Fund.

2-1-1 can offer access to the following types of resources:

While Comcast, AT&T, Mediacom, Verizon, and others will be LIVE November 1st, there are over 100 phone carriers in Illinois. If your carrier does not allow access, please contact the 211 call center using the toll free number: 888-865-9903. PATH will contact your carrier and you can still ask your human resource and social service questions in the same call.

For questions, contact your local United Way or

Originally posted: Nov 30, 2020