Boundaries Overview

District 303 has established geographic planning areas. Each planning area is assigned to a specific elementary, middle, and high school. The map below allows you to search for your school assignments by entering your home address. Click on the marker that appears to see which schools are assigned to that address.

If you have trouble determining your school assignment or planning area, please contact the District 303 Transportation Office for assistance at:

Boundary Descriptors Information

District 303 is divided into attendance areas, with each area assigned a specific planning area number. When viewing the middle school transition maps, the following boundary descriptor tables may be useful.

In the 2017-18 school year, District 303 transitioned to two middle school campuses and the new boundaries took full effect for the 2019-20 school year. The Interactive Boundary Map reflects the 2019-20 middle school attendance boundaries.

The interactive boundary map is intended to be used for general information only, to guide you to the proper school for registration. Actual school assignment may be adjusted by District Administration, based on overcrowding, in the best interest of the School District.

District 303 shall continue to provide free transportation for any student in the District who resides: (1) at a distance of one and one-half miles or more from his/her assigned school, or (2) within one and one-half miles from his or her assigned school where walking to school or to a pick-up point or bus stop would constitute a serious hazard (see Board Policy 4:110 Transportation).

Boundary Descriptor Table Documents