About the Department of College & Career Readiness

The Department of College and Career Readiness provides oversight to all areas of college and career, Career and Technical Education (CTE), academic school counselors, and supports curriculum, instruction, instructional interventions, and assessment. 

The department works closely with community leaders, organizations, and businesses to establish and grow student opportunities in areas such as internship and other career based learning experiences. The goal of the Department of College and Career Readiness is to support all students in accessing opportunities that will help ensure their readiness for college, career, and life. 

Strategic Commitment Alignment

One of the strategic commitments Community Unit School District 303 has made to our stakeholders is: We will provide our students with innovative learning experiences that prepare them for post-secondary careers and higher education

We can do this by partnering with local businesses to provide students with authentic, relevant, and hands-on experiences. Together, we can build students’ competencies through robust curricula and programming that develop skills and prepare students for college, career, and life. 

Career and Technical Education

Through experiential learning and community partnerships, the D303 Career & Technical Education Department prepares students to confidently and successfully transition into postsecondary and career opportunities and become positive, contributing members of society.

Program Partnerships

College & Career Readiness Staff

TK Tina King

Senior Director of Learning & Teaching

SH Shari Hovious

Admin. Assistant - CTE & Student Programs