We believe mathematically literate students...

  • Take risks, develop multiple strategies, and persevere in order to understand a problem and reach a solution.
  • Make sense of quantities and their relation to one another within the context of a problem; represent a problem using numbers, pictures, and equations.
  • Explain their thinking, justify their answers, and critique others' reasoning in order to debate multiple perspectives.
  • Apply known mathematical concepts and models to analyze and interpret real world problems; reflect on whether the results make sense in the context of the problem and make improvements if needed.
  • Choose the most effective tools to solve problems and to deepen understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Are precise, accurate, and detailed in their work and communicate using correct mathematical language.
  • Recognize and apply patterns and relationships to solve problems and build new knowledge.
  • Seek efficient ways to solve problems by continually monitoring and reasonableness of their thought process and results to determine when generalizations can be made.

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