Construction Renovation Guide

On November 14, 2016, the District 303 Board of Education approved a plan to upgrade Wredling Middle School, renovate Thompson Middle School and, by Fall 2019 close Haines Middle School. Construction work began in June 2017, after the school year ended.

When the project is completed in time for the 2019-20 school year, students will have two modern middle schools, the District will save $2.4 million by closing Haines, and taxpayers will see a significant reduction in the District 303 portion of their property taxes (due to payoff of bonds in 2018).  

The total cost of the project is $50 million with the funds coming from a combination of a grant from the State of Illinois, existing funds, issue of working cash bonds, and future savings.

Construction upgrades at Wredling were completed during the summer of 2017 and include 10 new science labs and a larger cafeteria. The renovation at Thompson, which is on schedule, includes 11 new science labs, 31 new classrooms, air conditioning and improved traffic flow around the site.

Time lapse video of Thompson Construction

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