Learning & Teaching Overview

The Department of Learning and Teaching provides support, direction and opportunity to the Curriculum Department, Instruction Department, Assessment Department, Instructional Interventions Department, College & Career Readiness Department, and Staff, Family, & Student Services Department. This department is committed to providing all District 303 learners with innovative instructional experiences and environments that will enhance future post-secondary opportunities and successes.

Key Pillars of Innovation

To help capture the essential elements of innovative learning experiences and practices, District 303 has outlined four key pillars of innovation as a part of its Strategic Commitments:

• Personalization of Learning

• Authentic Learning Experiences

• Responsive Teaching

• Competency-Based Strategies

These same four key pillars of innovation are also a focus for staff professional learning. District 303 values professional learning as vital to enhancing and augmenting an educator's practice to best meet students' needs. District 303 has placed significant resources and time towards the development and implementation of a comprehensive and rigorous learning system that supports its staff in a process of continual improvement and growth both internally and externally.  

Learning & Teaching Departments

Assessment and Accountability

Mr. Dave Chiszar, Executive Director of Assessment

College & Career Readiness

Mrs. Tina King, Director of Learning


Dr. Christine Warren, Director of Curriculum 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dr. Tracy Taylor, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 


Mrs. Pam Jensen, Director of Instruction

Instructional Interventions

Dr. Kennedi Strickland-Dixon, Executive Director of Instructional Interventions

Staff, Family & Student Services

Dr. Cindy Ruesch, Director of Staff, Family & Student Services 

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

CI Christine Igoe

Asst. Superintendent for Educational Services

Department of Learning & Teaching Directors

DC David Chiszar

Executive Director of Assessment & Accountability

KS Kennedi Strickland-Dixon

Executive Director of Instructional Interventions

AC Audra Christenson

Executive Director of Secondary Education

PJ Pamela Jensen

Director of Instructional Practice

CR Cindy Ruesch

Director of Staff, Family, and Student Services

CW Christine Warren

Director of Curriculum

TK Tina King

Director of Learning

TT Tracy Taylor

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)