Special Education

Students entitled for Special Education Services are provided an array of supports through a continuum of services designed to increase the students' access to the District 303 curriculum.

The Department of Special Education is part of the Department of Instructional Interventions. This department is responsible for the collaboration and intervention for any student who exhibits significant learning, social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties. The identification, evaluation, and reevaluation of students with one or more of 13 categories of disability is another role the department serves.

The Special Education department also provides an array of Special Education instructional services within the least restrictive environment for eligible students age 3 through 21 and any related services to support students' progress in their special education instructional programs. This department also supports the process of developing Behavior Intervention Plans for eligible students with significant behavioral issues. In addition to instructional planning the department conducts Transition Planning to support attainment of post-secondary educational, vocational, and independent living goals. The Department of Special Education serves as the district's main provider of evaluation and monitoring of Section 504 eligible students -- students with disabilities who require accommodation but are not eligible for special education services.

D303 Special Education Documents