District 303 has adopted a "green" approach to distributing information from non-profit organizations, intergovernmental agencies and business partners for which it grants approval. Information can be posted on this Community Backpack webpage throughout the school year for all to see. It is estimated that this saves around 2,500 hours per year in sorting and handling of these materials, as well as other natural resources.

During the school year, weekly or bi-weekly notices will be sent to all E-News subscribers reminding them that flyer information is posted on our Community Backpack web page. Those wishing to submit information to be posted must do so electronically by emailing a completed CB Flyer Request Form and a PDF of the requested posting to the District 303 Administration Center, in care of Janelle Magana at least ten days in advance of the desired posting date.

Additionally, when submitting the first posting request of the school year, a completed Certificate of Not-For-Profit Status Form must also be completed and submitted with a copy of the group's 501(c)3 certificate.

Prior to submitting, please read details regarding our distribution guidelines

The decision to post is at the discretion of District 303 administrators, based on these guidelines. 

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