Outreach and community engagement opportunities keep District 303 residents informed about our mission, vision, programs, services, and use of resources.

Outreach and Community Engagement

Community Relations: District 303 believes that we are partners with families and the community to ensure that students have access to rigorous curriculum, innovative learning experiences, and opportunities for academic, social, and emotional growth. We provide outreach and community engagement opportunities to keep District 303 residents informed about our mission, vision, programs, services, and use of resources. It is imperative that we provide opportunities for parents, community members, business leaders, and intergovernmental partners to be engaged in the activities of schools and students.

Communication Channels: In partnership with teachers, students, parents, administrators and community organizations, the Department of Communications and Community Relations supports the Strategic Commitments of the District and tells the stories of more than 12,400 students and 2,479 employees in 16 schools who are doing great work.

Information is posted regularly on our website, and is sent out electronically through school and district newsletters. Parents and community members can sign up to receive the District eNews, which is sent out electronically every other Friday. 

We regularly share stories through both the district and school Facebook and Twitter pages. The D303Pride Twitter page allows teachers and other staff members, as well as students to post information about classes, projects, clubs, athletics and activities as they happen. Each year, the number of followers and the reach of our pages has increased. We are proud to recognize our students for their  academic achievements, community service, athletic accomplishments, and fine arts abilities.

Community members who may not have children in our schools are kept informed through the Focus newsletter and annual report that are mailed to every household in District 303 every year. We work with our local media outlets to bring stories that are unique to District 303 to a large circulation audience.

In Partnership

Community Partnerships: Strong community partnerships translate into opportunities for students that increase authenticity and collaboration with businesses, non-profit organizations, and community colleges. We provide our students with eLearning, blended learning, internships and other work based learning opportunities, field trips, and early college credit opportunities that continue to expand and serve the diverse learning needs of our students. Business leaders and community members serve on advisory committees in schools, as mentors at internship host sites and as part of INCubatoredu, and on the St. Charles Education Foundation Board of Directors.

Parents as Partners: Parents are important partners in the education process and we value their participation both at school and at home. As part of district level committees such as Safety Committee, Discipline Committee, Wellness Committee, BPAC, District PTO and Parent University Committee. parents provide feedback based on their individual experiences and perspectives. 

Families visit schools for events such as open houses, curriculum nights, math nights and college and career nights. Educators often provide Information to families at those meetings that can be used to enrich the learning that takes place at home.

There are many opportunities for parent involvement in all our schools. We are fortunate to have strong Parent Teacher Organizations that provide classroom and office volunteers, serve as ambassadors for the schools, plan fun events for families, and sponsor field trips. Many parents give countless hours in support of our fine arts and athletic programs. Whether it’s taking tickets, working the concessions, contacting other parent volunteers, or serving as chaperones, District 303 parents are generous with their time and talents.

Program Partnerships