District 303 is committed to hiring and retaining high quality staff members.

Hire and Retain High Quality Staff Members

The most impactful influence on student learning is the quality of the educator designing the learning experiences. District 303 now ranks third in Illinois for the number of National Board Certified Teachers. This speaks to both the quality of the educational experience for our students, and the dedication of staff to go beyond what is required to improve their practice. Our staff care deeply about our students and this commitment shows in our classrooms and our schools.

The District 303 Induction and Mentoring Program is designed to assist educators during their first four years in our district. 

The goal of the program is to thoughtfully and thoroughly support educators as they continue to develop professional knowledge and skills while learning the culture and expectations of our district.

Every day students interact with many caring adults who work in our schools. Many times, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodial staff members and assistants are the people with whom students feel connected. District 303 employs over fifteen hundred classified staff members who work to build relationships with students that enhance the learning environment.

Continuous Staff Development

District 303 values professional learning as the key to enhancing and refining an educator's practice and ability to best meet students' needs. We believe that professional learning is a natural part of an educator's career path, and therefore, must be nurtured by district leaders so that educators are able to better grow professionally through learning that is personalized, authentic, responsive and competency-based, which mirrors the same active learning strategies we expect for our students.

Personalized Learning: District 303 believes in providing educators with choice related to professional learning courses supported within and outside of the district. Educators may select from a menu of identified learning opportunities within the district that are facilitated by other District 303 educators. Additionally, staff may be identified for learning specific to the curriculum development resource adoption process. This learning is designed to be delivered in a flexible format (face-to-face, blended or fully online) to support staff learning related to the adoption of a new resource and/or curriculum design. All identified staff are expected to participate to ensure the successful implementation of the curriculum and resource. Furthermore, staff may elect to participate in outside learning opportunities that range from college/university courses and programs to summer training offerings. The district may at times provide support and commitment towards outside professional learning.

Authentic Learning: Professional development courses provide staff with opportunities to use their newly acquired knowledge within the classroom setting. Course objectives support staff in constructing and assimilating new information within the context of existing practice. Ongoing support is provided through a process of instructional coaching within each building.

Responsive Teaching: District 303 believes in tailoring professional learning offerings based on staff feedback and providing choice in what, how, when, and where staff learn. Additionally, District 303 utilizes instructional resources supported by technology to more flexibly support and enhance the way we personalize professional learning for staff.

Competency-Based Strategies: Each professional learning opportunity provides expected outcomes related to instructional practices and skills. District 303 supports the application of the acquired skills through embedded coaching support at the building level.