About The Department of Instructional Support

Responsibilities of the Department of Instructional Support include coordination of K-12 curriculum, instructional support, and professional learning in District 303. They also include management of the English Language Learner (ELL) program, the Academically Talented program, the Induction and Mentoring program and the management of all grants.

The goal of the Instructional Support Department is to provide rigorous curriculum and instruction in order to prepare District 303 students to be college and career ready. Take some time to review the academic, curriculum and handbook resources provided. Specific questions can be directed to your school or one of the Learning and Teaching Directors.

Department of Instructional Support Staff

KG Kelley Gallt

Assistant Superintendent / Chief Academic Officer

CW Christine Warren

Director of Curriculum

CR Cindy Ruesch

Director of Staff, Family, and Student Services

PJ Pamela Jensen

Director of Instructional Practice

BB Barbara Beyer

Associate Director of Curriculum

MB Melissa Byrne

Assistant Director of Curriculum; AT

SW Susannah Wagner

Associate Director of Instruction